Cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, is a therapeutic technique that involves the application of cold to a specific part of the body. This method is commonly used in rehabilitation to manage pain, reduce inflammation and promote healing, especially in the acute stages of an injury or after surgery.


The IceMan CLEAR3 cold therapy unit helps reduce pain and swelling, speeding up rehabilitation and recovery. It utilises DonJoy’s recirculation system, which helps maintain a consistent and accurate temperature for the patient.

Proven Performance

  • Time tested with over 20-years of experience delivering industry leading cold therapy solutions
  • Developed through direct customer interaction and feedback

Technology Advantage

  • Our recirculation system helps deliver consistent cold therapy throughout the cold pad, eliminating freezing inlet temperatures

Patient Convenience and Ease-of-Use

  • Clear cooler design for easy refill indication
  • Self-priming, plug-n-play operation
  • Designed for easy portability and storage
  • A complete line of cold pads to help deliver cold therapy where needed




The DonJoy® IceMan® features a dual pump recirculation system that allows water warmed after flowing through the cold pad to be preserved and remixed with cooler ice water at a constant flow rate, providing consistent cool water distribution throughout the cold pad.


Other versions restrict or pinch water flow to the cold pad, causing variable flow rates and inconsistent cold pad temperatures.



Other than standard ice cubes, what can I use to cool the water in my IceMan Unit?

Acceptable methods of cooling the water include putting water in disposable Cups or containers and freezing them to make larger ice blocks which can be removed, then placed into the unit.

Can I freeze water bottles and place them into the IceMan unit?

No, this is not recommended for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the plastic from the bottle creates a barrier between the ice and the water in the unit which can prevent the water from reaching optimal therapeutic temperature. Secondly, paper and/or glue from the water bottle label can break down into the water in the unit, creating issues if it travels into the hose/pad.

The pad doesn’t seem to feel very cold. How do I know the water is cold enough?

Any temperature below 55°F is in the therapeutic range for cold therapy. Our semi-closed loop system utilizes a mixing chamber and has a flow rate that delivers the water into the pad within the optimal treatment range 38°F – 42°F. b. Double check to make sure you have appropriately filled the unit with enough ice to cool the water.

Is there a limit to how long should I use the IceMan each day?  

Because this is cold flow therapy (vs icing), the pads can be worn continuously. One single application can provide between 6-8 hours of cold therapy.